Why Breathe Well-being?

Your clinically proven program to lose weight, reduce blood sugar and prevent health complications. Our program is customized to help you get the right advice about diet, fitness and stress reduction to control Type 2 diabetes.

To achieve that, a certified diabetes coach will speak to you and create a personalized diet & fitness plan for you. Our private community will motivate and support you to continuously progress on your fitness journey.

What is included in the first consultation ?

  • Diabetes Risk Profiling

  • Understand more about Diabetes

  • The science behind Diabetes Reversal

  • Access to Diabetes Reversal Techniques & Protocols

  • Deep Dive into our Diabetes Reversal Program

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Meet our
Diabetes Experts

1 on 1 online consultation with a certified diabetes experts

Control Your
Blood Sugar levels & Get off medication

With a clinically proven program, we have inspired 10,000+ participants to improve their blood sugar control, reduce medication and lose significant weight.

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Participants reduced or eliminated their
dependency on medications

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Participants showed reduction
in HbA1c levels

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Average HbA1c reduction among
those who showed a drop

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5.5 kg

Average weight loss after
16 weeks program

First consultation for ₹ 500 100 only