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Welcome to the World of NURA!

Nura is a collaboration between Fujifilm, world leaders in cutting edge intelligent imaging and medical technologies, and Dr Kutty’s Healthcare, an institution with deep roots in healthcare space.

Together, we bring years of screening knowledge from Japan, its cutting-edge technology, and the warmth of its hospitality to give you a comprehensive and accurate prediction of your health status, every single time.

A 120* Mins Screening Program Designed to Stay a Step Ahead of Diseases

At NURA, we ensure you enjoy a comfortable screening process to help you address your health concerns. We test for the most common cancers and lifestyle diseases in men and women so that you’re never caught off guard by an unforeseen health risk.

Post-screening Support

Digital Health Records

Doctor Consultation

Pre-screening Support

Luxurious Environment

Personalised Assistance

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The Trust of Japanese Technology

Japan has consistently been a world leader in technology and innovation. Our Imaging machines from Fujifilm use cutting-edge technology to take the next big step in health care.

Internationally Recognised Evidence

Our screening tests are based on clear, effective evidence. Our healthcare professionals’ advice you based on screening tools recommended by Japan/US/EU Governments.

Your Health is Our Priority!

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