Learning in small groups

We ensure better student-teacher interactions by conducting live classes in small groups.

2 Way interactive lessons

Our passionate teachers make real-time learning fun, engaging and interactive using 2 way audio-video and whiteboarding tools.

Real time assessment

With superior learning technology, our quizzes are designed to enhance problem-solving skills in students

India’s finest teachers

Personalized teaching under the guidance of our Master Teachers with extensive experience from top tier colleges.

Interactive learning through Live Classroom

In today's day and age, everyone is looking for better preparations, better curriculum and A+ results. At Vedantu Small Class, we are stepping up to change the way education is imparted. Our focussed classrooms, interactive doubt-solving and on the spot assessment, not only make lessons more approachable but also more understandable for kids. Here’s a sneak-peek into our classroom, that offers a fun learning experience for the middle school champs.



Classes 5 to 9 CBSE Classes in English and Hinglish

Introducing students to engaging online math courses and prepare them for the real-world application of advanced concepts.


Classes 5 to 9 CBSE Classes in English and Hinglish

Our different courses foster scientific thinking in our students where they learn the fundamentals of science through investigations, observations and discussions.


Classes 6 to 8 CBSE Classes in English

Bringing the classroom to your home with online english courses where students can access engaging learning materials that help them improve confidence and develop spoken English and core language skills.


4.3 out of 5

Doubts were answered immediately

It was interesting for my son because his doubts were answered immediately. The teachers could keep track whether the kid has understood the concept. Also, the interaction and seeing other students and the teacher improves his concentration.


Interactive classes

My son waits for the class to start everyday and he likes the interactive classes. He likes all his teachers and without any push from my side completes the tasks. So that shows he is interested in the sessions. Also the class app seems very good. Teachers use graphical content which keeps the kids engrossed. The reward mechanism is creating a healthy competition and is pushing the kids to perform. Thank you.

Jayashree Mother

Instant doubt - solving sessions

Interaction with the teachers and instant doubt- solving sessions. Thank You Vedantu.

Munish Uniyal Father

Access to best teachers

Experience personalized learning by our Experts


Teaching experience: 5 years

MSc Chemistry (Hons), B.Ed (Physical Science)


Teaching experience: 7+ years

MSc Psychology, BSc Zoology, BA Spiritual Science


Teaching experience: 15 years

BSc, B.Ed.