Introducing FUJIFILM FDR Xair

A Portable Solution Helping Bridge the TB Detection Gap!

According to the World Health Organisation, ensuring the wider and quality-assured use of chest x-ray for Tuberculosis detection combined with lab-based diagnostic tests can immensely contribute to earlier TB detection and potentially help close the TB case-detection gap. However, gaps in Tuberculosis screening and reporting of the new cases are the challenges in the road to a TB-free World. Remote terrain and unfavourable transportation condition make it difficult for health professionals to access high-quality radiography and successfully screen TB in resource-limited areas across the globe.

FDR Xair from the house of FUJIFILM is here to bridge the gap! Powered by AI, FUJIFILM’s new FDR Xair, a lightweight, portable X-ray machine, is making quality TB screening accessible to the inaccessible. Being compact and battery-operated, FDR Xair provides flexibility to Healthcare professionals, making it easier for them to visit people with TB symptoms and help in early detection. Ai-based radiological image analysis allows accurate diagnosis even in the absence of trained radiologists, making screening in remote areas accessible, convenient and more efficient.

FUJIFILM Is Redefining Frontiers to Make Quality Healthcare Accessible to All!

Out-of-hospital settings, like remote locations & screening camps

Portable battery to support even without stable power source

For uses in clinics and isolation wards

How it Works

Experience the FUJIFILM FDR Xair Advantage, Virtually!

Xair takes TB Diagnosis to communities in Vietnam’s mountainous regions and islands

Sea Mountain Town Desert

Why Choose FUJIFILM FDR XAIR for TB Screening

Even though an estimated 60 million lives were saved through TB diagnosis & treatment between 2000 and 2019, Tuberculosis remains a global epidemic.

FDR Xair’s lightweight compact design combined with Ai-accuracy can reach even the remotest parts of the World and prove to be beneficial in expediting the process of TB diagnosis in areas with limited resources. FDR Xair from the house of Fujifilm can help realise the shared global vision of ending the TB epidemic and move towards a World free from Tuberculosis.

Easy Portability

FDR Xair’s compact design allows it to be carried anytime, anywhere.


FDR Xair’s lightness makes mounting it on its support stand quick and simple.

Durable LED Light Source

LEDs are long-lasting and make the control screen easy to read.

Battery Operated

The built-in lithium polymer battery can shoot up to 100 images* without electricity.


Less number of buttons lets you operate the equipment with ease.

Easy-maintenance design

The flat-surface design with minimal edges makes cleaning and maintenance easy.

Experience High-resolution X-ray Imaging with Advanced FUJIFILM DR Detectors

Using advanced Fujifilm FDR D-EVO II detector with­­ Console Advance, the image-processing unit enables FDR Xair to take high-resolution imaging, thanks to Virtual Grid image-processing technology and Dynamic Visualization II.

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