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  • Bring 'Discipline-by-Design' to your underwriting operations for better efficiency and profitability
  • Save on working hours and grow your top-line as your underwriters focus on more revenue-yielding tasks
  • Enable rule-based decision making and straight-through processing across underwriting operations
  • Drive significant bottom-line and top-line impact while bolstering regulatory compliance


The expert teams at Xceedance hit the ground running to quickly transform your underwriting operations while freeing up your FTE resources to focus on more value-adding tasks. We help you streamline and optimize processes such as risk assessment and selection, data compilation and analysis, data standardization and integration, and base premium calculation, boosting the productivity of your underwriters. That way, your underwriters can accelerate decision-making, write a profitable book of business, and improve your combined ratio in the long run. With Xceedance expert support, you can:

Evaluate multiple year loss runs in detail, identify missing losses and trends, determine if there are any new exposures to potential loss, identify any discrepancies such as duplicate claims, and promptly decline submissions that don't satisfy underwriting guidelines.

Using year-over-year comparisons, consolidate and standardize all information to be fed into pricing tools and templates to calculate a base price.

From pre-quote analysis to premium calculation, from improving pricing accuracy to reducing adverse selection, improve outcomes. Quote a policy more accurately while ensuring a competitive yet profitable premium.

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Xceedance is helping clients improve the quality of their processes to ensure consistency in reaching their goals and positioning them for long-term success. Our property/casualty risk assessment services enable insurers to bolster risk management, improving quoting accuracy.

Xceedance has an industry-savvy workforce with proven expertise in insurance operations, technology, analytics, process optimization, and digital enablement. With our in-depth understanding of P&C insurance, we deliver strategic consulting services and end-to-end operations support to drive process excellence. The experience and expertise of our teams underlay the consulting, technology, and managed services we provide to the world's leading insurance companies, helping them increase their workflow efficiency, enterprise visibility ,and bottom-line.

  • 5X expected underwriter productivity increase for a U.K. MGA
  • 17500+ man-hours saved for the in-house underwriting team of a leading U.S.-based specialty insurer in a year
  • 2+% decrease in the combined ratio for a leading carrier
  • 100% support for all P&C lines of business
  • 70% of the technology team are insurtech, automation and analytics experts
  • 400+ years of combined insurance experience within the leadership team
  • 80% of our staff possesses significant insurance acumen
  • 8 offices across global locations

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