Redefining Flooring

Flooring solutions worldwide adopt a common approach in terms of design and often become repetitive.

Dispelling this monotony, UTSAV Collection from Welspun Flooring has brought forth vibrant and diverse patterns from all over India. These designs are rooted in culture and give a distinctive style to your floor elevating the entire space.

Bringing Indian Craft To Mainstream

India is a land of colours, intricate artwork and designs. UTSAV Collection draws its inspiration from these patterns & craftwork from all over the country giving a whole new vibe to flooring and interiors.

Reinvigorate your flooring and enhance your space’s style quotient by choosing from a wide range of flooring solutions that reflect the true colours of India.


A Gujarati craftwork that finds its origin in Indus Valley Civilization, Bandhani involves tile dye art that is further enhanced by intricate handwork giving spectacular designs

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Kombi combines monochromatic designs & patterns with vibrant or subtle dot works adding to the aesthetic appeal of the flooring area. The contrasting designs and shapes elevate the spaces effortlessly.

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Providing Indian Touch

Bringing Indian Craft To Mainstream

The flooring solutions from UTSAV Collection add great vibrance to your spaces reflecting the craftsmanship of India. Choose from a plethora of designs immersed in the nativity and bring freshness to your interiors.

Breaks Away From Monotony

UTSAV Collection provides a respite from the generic design approach that is being followed world over. Our designs encapsulate our nation’s culture and craft bringing in a great mix of tradition and style.

Elevates Entire Space

Our unique design patterns are crafted to enhance the aesthetics of workspaces that will surely captivate all.

Inspired By India

The diverse craft and artwork of our beautiful country encouraged us to come up with the UTSAV Collection which as the name goes, celebrates the thousands of years of our rich art heritage.

Our patterns are rooted in various cultures and regions of India that we have presented with a modern touch. UTSAV Collection brings much-needed freshness to the world of flooring by giving you a plethora of design choices to elevate your space.


Explore our lookbook to select from a wide range of vibrant and intricate designs that reflect the diversity of Indian craft.

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