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Bring your drug candidates to market faster, as MaxisIT’s purpose-built platform offers timely, efficient oversight into operational, trial, and patient data. With its integrated and automated approach, the platform offers a demonstrated 40% timeand 50% cost savingswithin clinical development data and analytics processes, Manage clinical trials better, using its analytics capabilities to gain superior insights and reducing risks, cost, and time-to-market. Since its inception in 2003, MaxisIT has grown organically over 18 successful years, gaining expertise in managing thousands of clinical studies in the cloud, across therapeutic areas. With over 100 employees in the USA and India, MaxisIT is established as a premier provider of an integrated clinical development platform provider that unifies clinical trial data across eClinical systems and CROs in a source-agnostic manner; and further automates ... analytical processes to deliver timely insights. Proven, validated, and industry-accepted since 2007, MaxisIT’s solution is trusted in over 3000 clinical trials (and counting) to aggregate all clinical data in real-time as a single source of truth. Learn more

What We Offer

Assured Insights using High Quality Data:

Optimize performance and reduce trial delays with role-specific trial metrics and data displays for all team members in near/real-time.

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Improved Data Management & Review:

Enable clinical data management and data review teams to maintain data quality and reduce cycle time for database locks as per major industry data standards.

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Empowered Clinical Development Teams:

Offer your teams a metadata driven, scalable, and integrated data repository that supports regulatory/exploratory analyses without any constraints.

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Mitigated Risks with Clinical Trial Data:

Gain oversight into trial data using predictive analytics. You can also track metrics, KPIs, KRIs, and monitor alerts, escalations, and more.

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Reliable Global Delivery of Services:

Offer end-to-end management of hardware and software systems to global clients in what they deem to be a secure, robust, and flexible environment.

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